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Public Information Statement

Statement as of 9:00 AM MDT on March 26, 2015

... 2015 severe weather awareness week for Nebraska...

Today is Thursday and Marks the 4th day of severe weather awareness
week for the state of Nebraska, which continues through Friday,
March 27th.

Severe weather awareness week provides the National Weather Service
an opportunity to test communication systems and to get potentially
lifesaving information out to the public. Now is the time for
people to review their safety plans and be prepared for severe
weather season.

Today's topic is flash flooding.

On average, more people are killed by flooding than by any other
single severe weather hazard, including tornadoes, lightning, and
hurricanes. Most of these deaths occur when people are trapped in
their vehicles, and at night, when it is more difficult to recognize
flood dangers.

If a Flash Flood Warning is issued, or when flash flooding is
imminent or occurring, act quickly to protect you and your family.
Get out of areas that are subject to flooding and move to a safe
area before access is cut off by flood waters. Low spots such as
dips, canyons, and washes are not the places you want to be during
flooding. If you are advised to evacuate, do so immediately and
remember the following safety tips.

Do not drive if not necessary. If driving is necessary, do not
attempt to drive over a flooded Road or through flowing water. The
depth of the water is not always obvious, and the roadway may no
longer be intact under the water. Never drive around a barricade,
as they are placed there for your protection. If your vehicle
stalls, leave it immediately and move to higher ground before water
sweeps you and your vehicle away. Two feet of quickly moving water
is enough to float and sweep away most vehicles, including trucks
and sport utility vehicles. If you approach a roadway that is
flooded, turn around, don't drown.

Never try to walk, swim, or play in flood water. You may not be
able to determine if there are holes or submerged debris. You may
not be able to determine how quickly the water is flowing, and you
may be swept away. If the water is moving quickly, as little as six
inches of water can knock you off your feet. There is also a danger
of hazardous materials polluting the water. Also remember that
water is an electrical conductor, and if there are power lines down,
there is a possibility of electrocution. Be especially cautious at
night when it is harder to recognize flood dangers.

Anytime the threat for severe weather exists, stay updated on the
latest weather information by going to the National Weather Service
website, http://www.Weather.Gov, or by tuning in to NOAA Weather
Radio all hazards, or your local television and radio station. Make
sure to watch for signs for approaching storms, such as darkening
skies, increasing winds, flashes of lightning, and thunder.

More information about severe weather awareness week can be found
at: http://www.Weather.Gov/Cheyenne.

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