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Public Information Statement

Statement as of 6:22 AM EDT on May 28, 2015

... North Carolina hurricane preparedness week for 2015...

This week has been declared North Carolina's hurricane preparedness
week for 2015. All week long the National Weather Service will be
issuing informative messages to help you prepare for hurricane

Each day we will cover a different topic. Today we will talk about
the forecast process.

The National Hurricane Center... part of the mission of the
National weather service's Tropical Prediction Center is to save
lives and protect property by issuing watches... warnings... and
forecasts for hazardous weather in the tropics.

Observations... the National Weather Service uses all of the tools
in its Arsenal when tracking hurricanes. Satellites... buoys...
aircraft... and radar are all important tools used for hurricane

Central model guidance/interpretation... computer models take all
the various observations and perform millions of calculations to
generate predictions of hurricane behavior. The atmosphere in
which the hurricane is moving is very important to hurricane
intensity and motion. The output from all of these computer
models are packaged as guidance and is evaluated by the National
Hurricane Center as well as local National Weather Service
forecast offices.

Product generation... once forecasts... watches... and warnings have
been coordinated along the coast between the National Hurricane
Center and local National Weather Service offices... the National
Hurricane Center generates the hurricane forecast and warning
products. Hurricane forecasts are created four times a day when
hurricanes are present in the Atlantic Ocean... Caribbean Sea... or
Gulf of Mexico... at 5 am... 11 am... 5 PM... and 11 PM EDT.

Information dissemination... hurricane forecast and warning
information is sent out to all media outlets for relay to
everyone. Television and radio and NOAA Weather Radio are some of
the best means to get the most up to date hurricane information.
The internet can also be a good source of information. You can
visit the Newport National Weather Service office at
weather.Gov/Newport to get local forecasts and hurricane
forecasts and warnings.

Your local Newport National Weather Service office... the role of
the Newport National Weather Service office is to take the
hurricane forecasts from the National Hurricane Center and
localize the threat to eastern North Carolina. The Newport office
closely examines the threats of wind... tornadoes... rainfall... and
flooding. This information is provided to local and state
emergency management as well as the media. The Newport weather
office will issue river flood and flood warnings to help
save lives from flood waters that occur when a hurricane produces
torrential rain. Tornado warnings will also be issued by the
Newport office when forecasters detect them on nexrad Doppler radar.

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