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Waterford Township MI US

Place Temperature Humidity Pressure Conditions Updated Warning
Waterford, Alabama 68°F 78% 29.76in Mostly Cloudy 5:53 PM CST  
Waterford, Australia 83°F 57% NA Partly Cloudy9:00 AM AEST  
Waterford, Bahamas  
Waterford, Barbados 77°F 83% 29.95in Scattered Clouds8:00 PM AST  
Waterford, California 50°F 83% 29.90in Light Rain 3:53 PM PST High Wind Advisory Special Weather Statement  
Waterford, Connecticut 38°F 93% 30.01in Overcast 6:58 PM EST  
Waterford, Florida 72°F 78% 30.14in Mostly Cloudy 6:55 PM EST  
Waterford, Georgia 62°F 63% 30.09in Scattered Clouds 6:58 PM EST  
Waterford, Indiana 36°F 100% 30.11in Overcast 6:15 PM CST  
Waterford, Ireland 45°F 93% 30.63in Overcast12:00 AM GMT  
Waterford, Kentucky 44°F 71% 30.17in Overcast 6:53 PM EST  
Waterford, Louisiana 72°F 91% 30.06in Mostly Cloudy 5:53 PM CST  
Waterford, Maine 26°F 92% 30.12in Light Snow 6:54 PM EST  
Waterford, Maryland 45°F 66% 30.10in Overcast 7:15 PM EST  
Waterford, Michigan 37°F 89% 30.03in Overcast 6:53 PM EST  
Waterford, Minnesota 35°F 87% 29.86in Clear 5:54 PM CST  
Waterford, Mississippi 54°F 82% 30.09in Overcast 6:15 PM CST  
Waterford, New York 35°F 92% 30.05in Light Drizzle 6:51 PM EST  
Waterford, Nova Scotia 24°F 80% 30.10in Unknown8:00 PM AST  
Waterford, Ohio 41°F 76% 30.18in Overcast 6:53 PM EST  
Waterford, Ontario 36°F 93% 30.04in Overcast7:00 PM EST  
Waterford, Pennsylvania 37°F 93% 30.10in Overcast 6:51 PM EST  
Waterford, Prince Edward Island 23°F 71% 30.17in Unknown8:00 PM AST  
Waterford, Rhode Island 33°F 100% 30.09in Overcast 6:56 PM EST  
Waterford, South Africa 81°F 79% 29.98in Mostly Cloudy10:00 AM SAST  
Waterford, South Carolina 65°F 45% 29.99in Clear 6:53 PM EST  
Waterford, Texas 60°F 93% 29.99in Overcast 5:53 PM CST Flood Warning  
Waterford, Virginia 46°F 71% 30.08in Scattered Clouds 6:54 PM EST  
Waterford, Washington 43°F 93% 29.31in Overcast 4:04 PM PST  
Waterford, Wisconsin 45°F 100% 30.03in Overcast 6:15 PM CST  
Waterford, Zimbabwe 57°F 95% NA Light Drizzle2:00 AM CAT  
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Tornado Warning Severe Thunderstorm Warning Flood Warning High Wind Advisory Special Weather Statement
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Tornado Watch Severe Thunderstorm Watch Flood Watch / Flood Statement Dense Fog Advisory
Volcanic Ash Advisory Hurricane Local Statement Winter Weather Statement Heat Advisory

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