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Kansas, Wilson

Public Information Statement

Statement as of 6:00 AM CDT on July 05, 2015

... On this date in weather history...

In 1987... severe thunderstorms raked south central Kansas
for the second consecutive morning. Winds reached 100
mph in Wichita and 80 mph in Clearwater. Three tornadoes
struck eastern Sedgwick and southern Butler counties. El
Dorado Lake was whip lashed by 80 to 100 mph
winds... injuring 25 people at a trailer park.


In 1905... a truly mysterious... yet extremely powerful
weather event occurred in extreme north-central Texas.
In Montague County... located on the Red River... an
extremely violent wind event possessing speeds comparable
to that of an F4 tornado... killed 18 people and injured
40. It is very unusual for a tornado of this magnitude
to hit Texas in mid-Summer. The damage path was 20 miles
long and averaged three fourths to 1 mile wide with
extremes ranging from around one quarter mile to 3 miles.
The Funnel sighting and some debris being carried for
long distances are the only evidence of this being a
tornado. However... most reports list no funnel or
characteristic roar... yet 33 homes were leveled! Hundreds
of dead farm animals littered the Countryside.Most of
the deaths occurred in tenant homes with 7 killed in one
such home. Such fatality counts are extremely rare with
downburst winds... usually no more than 1 home per
event... yet people died in 9 homes during this
exceptionally powerful wind storm. Three small farming
communities were wiped out. The meteorological cause for
this bizarre event may never be known.

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