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Statement as of 6:45 PM MDT on March 28, 2015

... This week in Metro Denver weather history...

27-29 in 1948... high winds raked Boulder. A wind gust to 75 mph was
        recorded at Valmont. Sustained winds in excess of 35 mph
        were estimated in Boulder. Minor damage was reported.
      In 1961... heavy snowfall totaled 9.5 inches at Stapleton
        Airport over the 3 day period. Most of the snow... 5.3
        inches... fell on the 28th. Winds were generally light
        and gusted to only 22 mph from the north.
28-29 in 1891... rain changed to snow and totaled 9.7 inches in the
        city. Northeast winds were sustained to 12 mph with gusts
        to 28 mph on the 28th.
      In 1910... a strong cold front brought much wind... rain... and
        and snow to the city. Rain on the 28th changed to snow
        early on the 29th. Snowfall totaled only 2.8 inches... but
        north winds were sustained to 50 mph on the 29th.
        Precipitation from the storm totaled 0.96 inch.
      In 1994... moist upslope winds combined with an upper level
        system to dump 5 to 7 inches of snow along the eastern
        foothills and across Metro Denver. Snowfall totaled
        6.3 inches at Stapleton International Airport where
        northeast winds gusted to 39 mph. Thirteen inches of
        new snow were measured at the Eldora ski area west of
28-30 in 1949... a major winter storm dumped 11.3 inches of snow over
        downtown Denver. Snowfall totaled 10.4 inches at Stapleton
        Airport. North to northeast winds were sustained to 17 mph.
      In 1985... a slow moving snow storm moved across the state.
        Denver received only 4.0 inches of snowfall with amounts in
        the foothills totaling 1 to 2 feet. Still... this was enough
        snow in Denver to cause flight delays of up to 6 hours at
        Stapleton International Airport on the night of the 29th.
        East winds gusted to 28 mph on the 28th.
29 in 1887... west winds sustained to 44 mph warmed the
        temperature to a high of 62 degrees.
      In 1921... Post-frontal northeast winds were sustained to
        46 mph with gusts to 52 mph.
      In 1925... southeast winds were sustained to 46 mph with
        gusts to 48 mph. These were the strongest winds of the
        month that year. The winds warmed the temperature to a
        high of 72 degrees.
      In 1934... a construction worker was killed by lightning as
        he walked with a shovel on his shoulder along Cherry
        Creek in the city. The thunderstorm produced light rain.
      In 1967... a southwest wind gust to 52 mph was recorded at
        Stapleton International Airport. The warm Chinook winds
        warmed the temperature to 79 degrees equaling the record
        for the date.
      In 1979... a tornado touched down 4 miles southwest of Parker...
        but caused no reported damage.
      In 1998... four children attending a birthday party in Denver
        were injured when an apparent dry microburst produced a
        sudden strong wind gust which blew an inflatable playhouse
        they were occupying into a neighbors yard. The playhouse
        scraped the roof of the host's two-story house... then landed
        in the adjoining yard. The children were treated for minor
        head injuries and cuts.
29-30 in 1938... overnight heavy snowfall was 6.3 inches over
        downtown Denver.
      In 1982... strong winds buffeted Metro Denver... breaking windows
        and damaging roofs. Wind gusts to 90 mph were recorded in
        Boulder and 51 mph at Stapleton Airport. The strong winds
        flattened a condominium under construction in Lakewood.
      In 1991... 1 to 6 inches of snow fell across Metro Denver with
        the heaviest snow confined to the foothills. Six inches of
        snow was recorded at South Platte in the foothills
        southwest of Denver and 3 inches at Castle Rock. Snowfall
        totaled only 0.7 inch at Stapleton International Airport
        where northeast winds gusted to 33 mph on the 29th.
29-31 in 1970... snowfall totaled 6.0 inches at Stapleton
        International Airport. Heavy snow accumulation in Boulder
        on the 29th caused the collapse of a carport at an apartment
        building... damaging 11 automobiles. Northeast winds gusted
        to 24 mph at Stapleton International Airport.
30 in 1895... rain changed to sleet... then snow... and totaled 8.0
        inches in downtown Denver. Strong Post-frontal northeast
        winds were sustained to 48 mph with gusts to 61 mph.
        Temperatures hovered around 30 degrees all day.
      In 1968... microburst winds associated with virga and brief
        light rain gusted to 46 mph at Stapleton International
      In 1983... winds gusted to 82 mph at the National center for
        atmospheric research in Boulder with peak gusts of 70 to
        80 mph in the foothills. Minor damage occurred at a
        construction site and to some homes in Boulder. West
        winds gusted to 39 mph at Stapleton International Airport.
30-31 in 1896... heavy snowfall totaled 7.5 inches in downtown
        Denver. Northwest winds gusted to 26 mph.
      In 1897... rain changed to snow during the early morning of
        the 30th and totaled 6.2 inches before ending during
        the late morning of the 31st. Northwest winds were
        sustained to 35 mph with gusts to 46 mph.
      In 1929... heavy snowfall of 7.0 inches was recorded over
        downtown Denver. Northwest winds were sustained to
        23 mph on the 30th.
      In 1953... heavy snowfall totaled 8.6 inches at Stapleton
        Airport where northeast winds gusted to 23 mph.
      In 1955... a vigorous cold front produced north winds at 40 mph
        with gusts as high as 54 mph at Stapleton Airport. Rain
        and snow showers and blowing dust accompanied the front.
        Snowfall totaled only 0.1 inch at Stapleton Airport on
        the 31st.
      In 1988... snow began falling on the afternoon of the 30th and
        continued through the 31st... burying Metro Denver. Twelve
        to 18 inches of snow fell in the foothills to the west of
        Denver and Boulder with 6 to 12 inches across the rest of
        Metro Denver. The storm disrupted aircraft operations
        at Stapleton International Airport where snowfall totaled
        7.1 inches and north winds gusting to 32 mph reduced the
        visibility to less than 1/4 mile at times... causing air
        traffic delays of 2 to 3 hours.
      In 2000... heavy snow once again developed over the foothills
        and the higher terrain to the south of Metro Denver.
        Snowfall totals from the storm included: 16 inches atop
        Squaw Mountain... 15 inches near Rollinsville... 13 inches
        near Evergreen... 12 inches near Morrison... 11 inches in
        Coal Creek Canyon... 10 inches near Blackhawk and in
        Eldorado Springs... 9 inches at ken caryl ranch and Larkspur...
        and 8 inches near Elizabeth. Snowfall totaled only 4.1
        inches at the site of the former Stapleton International
        Airport. North winds gusted to 32 mph at Denver
        International Airport on the 30th.
      In 2005... a strong Spring storm intensified over the
        eastern plains of Colorado and produced near-blizzard
        conditions to the east and southeast of Denver overnight.
        North to northwest winds from 20 to 35 mph with gusts
        to 50 mph produced extensive blowing snow and caused
        near zero visibilities at times and snow drifts from
        2 to 4 feet in depth. Snowfall amounts included:
        12 inches near Bennett... 8 inches around Castle Rock...
        7 inches near Sedalia... and 6 inches near Parker.
        Only 0.3 inch of snow was reported at Denver Stapleton.
        At Denver International Airport... north winds gusted to
        37 mph on the 30th and 36 mph on the 31st.
      In 2014... on the evening of the 30th... high based showers
        and thunderstorms produced microburst winds over northern
        Jefferson... eastern Boulder and southwest Weld counties.
        Peak wind reports included: 77 mph at white ranch open
        space; 72 mph... 2 miles north of longmont; 67 mph near Erie
        and firestone; 60 mph near Mead and 59 mph... 5 miles
        northwest of henderson; with 53 mph at Denver internatinal
        Airport. The wind downed power lines in Weld County which
        sparked a small fire. High winds then developed in the
        Front Range foothills and urban corridor through the
        morning of the 31st. Peak wind gusts included: 98 mph
        near Gold hill; 77 mph near Eldorado springs; 61 mph at
        Centennial airport; 59 mph at Buckley air force; with 44
        mph at Denver International Airport.
31 in 1873... high winds damaged buildings in the city.
        Northwest winds with sustained velocities to near 40 mph
        blew from 9:00 am until sunset.
      In 1937... north to northeast winds sustained to 25 mph with
        gusts to 32 mph produced a light dust storm in the city
        during the afternoon.
      In 1971... wind gusts to 92 mph were recorded in the South
        Hills area of Boulder. At the National Bureau of standards
        in Boulder sustained winds of 46 mph with gusts to 83 mph
        were measured. Damage was minor. Northwest winds gusted
        to 41 mph at Stapleton International Airport.
      In 1983... high winds with gusts to 70 mph in Boulder caused
        minor damage.
31-1 in 1876... heavy snow began during the night and lasted all
        day on the 31st and through the morning of the 1st. The
        average depth of snow fall was 10 to 12 inches... but strong
        winds whipped the snow into drifts of 8 to 10 feet deep on
        the streets of the city. Precipitation from the storm was
        1.03 inches on the 31st and 0.37 inch on the 1st.
      In 1891... heavy moist snowfall totaled 18.0 inches in the
        city. Northeast winds were sustained to 20 mph with gusts
        to 24 mph on the 31st.
      In 1936... northeast winds sustained to 21 mph produced a
        light dust storm in the city.
      In 1975... a major storm dumped 9.3 inches of snowfall at
        Stapleton International Airport where northwest winds
        gusted to 41 mph. Rain changed to snow on the afternoon
        of the 31st... reducing the visibility to as low as 1/8 mile.
        Snow continued all day on the 1st and accumulated to a depth
        of 8 inches on the ground. The minimum temperature of 10
        degrees on the 1st set a new record low for the date.
31-2 in 1980... the second major blizzard in 5 days buried much of
        eastern Colorado under 6 to 12 inches of snow. Some drifts
        were up to 22 feet high. Hundreds of travelers were
        stranded. Over 3000 families were without power.
        Livestock losses were high. Metro Denver escaped the
        main brunt of this storm. At Stapleton International
        Airport... only 6.3 inches of snow fell over the 3-day period
        and north winds gusted to only 22 mph on the 1st.
31-3 in 1979... total snowfall of 6.6 inches was measured at
        Stapleton International Airport where north winds gusted
        to 31 mph on the 31st. The greatest accumulation of snow
        on the ground was 3 inches on the 1st.
31-4 in 1905... much rain and some snow occurred over the 5 days
        behind an apparent cold front. Precipitation totaled 2.00
        inches. There was a thunderstorm on the 3rd. Snowfall
        totaled 3.0 inches on the 4th. North winds were sustained
        to 34 mph on the 1st and 2nd and to 30 mph on the 3rd.
        High temperatures during the period ranged from the upper
        30's to the lower 40's. Low temperatures were in the upper
        20's and lower 30's.
1 in 1987... a vigorous cold front produced 2.3 inches of snowfall
        at Stapleton International Airport where northeast winds
        gusted to 39 mph. The temperature dropped from a maximum of
        59 degrees at mid-morning to a low of 25 degrees at midnight.
1-2 in 1963... strong winds buffeted Metro Denver... while wind-
        whipped fires consumed grassland on the plains. A child
        was injured by a wind blown falling tree in Castle Rock.
        Southwest winds gusted to 52 mph at Stapleton Airport...
        causing some blowing dust. The worst fire storm burned
        over 25 thousand acres of grazing land in southern Weld
        County near Roggen northeast of Denver.
      In 1984... a snowstorm with near-blizzard conditions over
        eastern Colorado closed many roads... including I-70 and I-76
        east of Denver and I-25 between Denver and Colorado Springs.
        At Stapleton International Airport... snowfall totaled only
        2.5 inches... but north winds gusted to 45 mph on the 2nd.
      In 1999... moist upslope conditions allowed heavy snow to
        develop in the Front Range foothills where snowfall totals
        included: 10 inches at Aspen Park and evergreen; 9 inches
        at Turkey creek; 8 inches at Idaho Springs and genesee;
        7 inches at Aspen Springs... Crow Hill... intercanyon... and
        Lake George. In Metro Denver snowfall totals included:
        10 inches south of sedalia; 8 inches in littleton; 7 inches
        at morrison; 6 inches at Highlands ranch; and 4 to 5 inches
        in Northglenn... Parker and near Louisville. Snowfall totaled
        4.7 inches at the site of the former Stapleton International
1-3 in 1945... snow fell across Metro Denver for a total of 51
        consecutive hours. While the storm was not accompanied by
        excessive snow... the long duration made the event a heavy
        snow producer. Snowfall totaled 10.7 inches in downtown
        Denver with 9.5 inches recorded at Stapleton Airport. North
        winds were sustained to 21 mph on the 1st; otherwise winds
        were not strong. The air mass was very cold for April.
        The high temperatures of 26 on the 2nd and 17 on the 3rd
        were record low maximums for the dates. The latter was also
        a record low maximum for the month. Warm weather following
        the storm quickly melted the snow.
      In 1973... heavy snow fell at Stapleton International Airport
        where 8.7 inches were measured. Snow began late on the 1st
        and continued through early morning on the 3rd. Thunder
        accompanied the snow during the late morning and afternoon
        of the 2nd. North winds gusted to 33 mph on the 2nd and
        37 mph on the 3rd. Snow only accumulated to a depth of
        5 inches on the ground due to melting.
      In 1977 a foot of snow fell in Boulder and Broomfield. The
        Denver-Boulder Turnpike was closed for an hour after
        numerous minor traffic accidents. At Stapleton
        International Airport... snowfall totaled 4.7 inches and
        southeast winds gusted to 32 mph on the 2nd. The greatest
        depth of snow on the ground was only 3 inches due to
2 in 1894... northwest winds were sustained to 42 mph with
        gusts to 48 mph. The warm Chinook winds warmed the
        temperature to a high of 70 degrees.
      In 1925... north winds were sustained to 40 mph with gusts
        to 42 mph.
      In 1957... a heavy snow storm dumped 17.3 inches of snow at
        Stapleton Airport. Strong gusty north winds to 31 mph
        reduced visibilities to 1/8 mile at times and created
        blizzard conditions. The 24-hour snowfall had been
        exceeded only twice in previous records... and the 24 hour
        precipitation of 2.05 inches was the third heaviest of
        previous record during April.
      In 1959... a cold front produced strong gusty winds across
        Metro Denver. North winds gusting to 50 and 60 mph caused
        some minor damage to power lines and signs and caused dust
        storms on the plains east of Denver. A wind gust to 49 mph
        was recorded at Stapleton Airport.
      In 1966... northwest winds gusting to 52 mph produced blowing
        dust... which briefly reduced the visibility to 1 mile at
        Stapleton International Airport.
      In 1975... the all-time lowest recorded temperature in April...
        2 degrees below zero... occurred. This is also the latest
        below zero reading for the season.
      In 1982... a strong windstorm struck all of Metro Denver...
        causing minor damage. Wind gusts to 127 mph were recorded
        at Rocky Flats south of Boulder... 116 mph at Wondervu... 100
        mph at Jefferson County Airport in Broomfield... and 56 mph at
        Stapleton International Airport. The strong winds whipped
        up blowing dust... briefly reducing the visibility to 3/4 mile.
      In 1986... heavy thunderstorms produced wind gusts to about 70
        mph in Boulder. A severe thunderstorm wind gust to 62 mph
        was recorded at Stapleton International Airport. The strong
        winds kicked up thick clouds of blowing dust severely
        restricting surface visibility.
      In 1997... a Pacific storm left heavy snow in the foothills with
        lesser amounts across the city. Snowfall totaled 12 inches
        near Blackhawk... 11 inches at Golden Gate Canyon... 10 inches
        at Conifer and crowhill... 9 inches at Evergreen... 5 inches
        at Sedalia... and 4 inches at Castle Rock and Morrison. Only
        2.1 inches of snow fell at the site of the former Stapleton
        International Airport. Northwest winds gusted to 21 mph
        at Denver International Airport.
      In 1998... a major Spring storm brought heavy snow to Metro
        Denver and the foothills. Snowfall totals ranged from
        12 to 22 inches in the foothills with 4 to 12 inches across
        Metro Denver. Snowfall totals included: 22.5 inches near
        conifer; 13 inches in Coal Creek canyon; 12 inches near
        Blackhawk... Eldora... and genesee; 10 inches near Evergreen
        and nederland; 9 inches in lakewood; 8 inches in Broomfield
        and northwest denver; and 7.0 inches at the site of the
        former Stapleton International Airport. Northeast winds
        gusted to 31 mph at Denver International Airport.
      In 2002... snowfall was only a trace at the site of the former
        Stapleton International Airport. This was the only snowfall
        of the month... ranking the month... along with previous months...
        the 2nd least snowiest on record.
2-3 in 1955... strong west to southwest winds raked Metro Denver on
        both days. Sustained winds as high as 37 mph with gusts to
        60 mph were recorded at Stapleton Airport where the
        visibility was reduced to 1/4 mile in blowing dust.
      In 1974... a heavy snowfall of 6.7 inches was accompanied by
        northeast wind gusts to 33 mph which produced some blowing
        snow across Metro Denver. Over eastern Colorado many
        highways and schools were closed due to near-blizzard
        conditions from the storm.
      In 1986... the worst snow storm of the season blasted Metro
        Denver. Heavy snow and high winds combined to close roads...
        schools... and airports. Portions of all Interstate highways
        out of Denver were closed at times. The snow came after an
        exceptionally mild late winter and early spring; trees and
        bushes had already bloomed and leafed out. The snow and
        wind snapped many of these... causing power outages. Total
        snowfall amounts in Metro Denver ranged from 1 to 2 feet
        with 2 to 3 feet in the foothills. Snowfall totaled 12.6
        inches at Stapleton International Airport where north winds
        gusting to 39 mph reduced the visibility to 1/8 mile in snow
        and blowing snow. Most of the snow fell on the 3rd when
        temperatures hovered around 30 degrees for most of the day.
        The heavy snow halted traffic and closed businesses. A 59-
        year-old man was found dead from exposure in northwest

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