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Record Report

Statement as of 4:23 PM MDT on October 25, 2014

... Record high temperature set at Denver co...

a record high temperature of 80 degrees tied at Denver co today at
324 PM. This ties the old record of 80 set in 2007.

Public Information Statement

Statement as of 6:45 PM MDT on October 25, 2014

... This week in Metro Denver weather history...

26 in 2010... very strong winds during the day knocked down power
        lines in parts of Boulder. The downed electrical lines
        sparked a small brush fire near Columbine Elementary
        School. Strong wind gusts also damaged the tennis bubble
        at the millenium harvest house. In Northglenn. A tree was
        knocked down and caused minor damage to a mini-Van parked
        nearby. Peak wind gusts included: 70 mph at Berthoud... 67
        mph at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in Broomfield...
        63 mph at the Rocky Flats National wind technology center
        and 59 mph at the ncar Mesa laboratory... 3 miles southwest
        of Boulder. West winds gusted to 43 mph at Denver
        International Airport.
      In 2011... a powerful early season storm brought heavy snow
        to the Front Range and adjacent plains. The heavy... wet
        snow caused extensive downed large branches and in some
        cases... entire trees. Massive power outages occurred from
        Fort Collins and Greeley south to Denver and the
        surrounding Metro area. Most of the trees still had their
        leaves... which helped to catch snow and down trees under
        the weight of the moisture laden snow. Nearly two hundred
        thousand utility customers along the Front Range were
        without heat and electricity for several hours. The Red
        Cross opened four temporary shelters overnight until the
        power could be restored. The outages also forced the
        closure of the Boulder criminal Justice center the
        following day. The fallen trees and branches also caused
        extensive property damage to roofs and automobiles. In
        the Front Range mountains and foothills... storm totals
        included 19.8 inches... 3 miles west of jamestown; 18
        inches... 5 miles west of copper; 13 inches... 3 miles north
        of Blackhawk and 3 miles south of Evergreen... 4 miles
        east-northeast of Nederland and lake eldora; 12 inches
        at Berthoud snotel. Across the urban corridor storm
        totals included: 11.5 inches in boulder; 9.5 inches at
        the National Weather Service in boulder; 9 inches... 1 mile
        southwest of westminster; 8.5 inches in Broomfield...
        Denver International Airport... Frederick and louisville;
        8 inches in Aurora... 7 inches in watkins; with 6 inches
        in Arvada.
25-26 in 1996... 4 to 6 inches of snow fell in the foothills west of
        Denver. Only 1.5 inches of snowfall were measured at the
        site of the former Stapleton International Airport on the
        26th. This was the only measurable snow of the month at
        the site. The snowfall produced icy and snowpacked
        highways... which resulted in a 50-to 60-car pileup on I-25
        south of Metro Denver. West winds gusted to 33 mph at
        Denver International Airport.
      In 2006... a winter storm brought heavy snowfall to Metro
        Denver and the eastern foothills. Total snowfall ranged
        from 12 to 22 inches over the higher terrain and 6 to 12
        inches across Metro Denver. Northerly winds at sustained
        speeds of 20 to 30 mph with gusts as high as 47 mph at
        Denver International Airport whipped the snow into drifts
        3 to 4 feet deep. Many tree limbs snapped under the weight
        of the heavy... wet snow which also downed power lines...
        leaving thousands of residents without power. Storm total
        snowfall included: 25 inches near Aspen Springs... Conifer...
        and evergreen; 23.5 inches near rollinsville; 23 inches in
        Idaho springs; 22.5 inches near blackhawk; 21.5 inches near
        bailey; 19 inches near Bergen park; 18 inches near Aspen
        Springs... Genesee... and jamestown; 17 inches southwest of
        boulder; 16 inches in evergreen; and 15 inches near
        Georgetown and Perry Park. Snowfall totaled 5.3 inches
        in the Denver Stapleton area. At Denver international
        aiport... rain... including a thunderstorm... changed to snow
        on the evening of the 25th after a high temperature of
        70 degrees.
      In 2010... a storm system brought heavy snow to the mountains
        west of Denver. Storm totals included: 24 inches at the
        eisenhower Tunnel... 18 inches at Loveland ski area; with
        16 inches at Arapahoe basin.
25-27 in 1897... a major storm dumped 13.5 inches of snowfall over
        downtown Denver. Rain changed to snow during the evening
        of the 25th and continued through mid-morning of the 27th.
        Most of the snow... 12.0 inches... fell on the 26th when north
        winds were sustained to 36 mph and gusts were as high as 46
        mph. Temperatures during the storm were in the 20's and
        lower 30's. Precipitation (rain and melted snow) totaled
        1.21 inches.
26 in 1995... winds gusting from 100 to near 110 mph pounded the
        foothills northwest of Denver. At Nederland winds gusted
        to 100 mph and to 70 mph in Coal Creek Canyon. Atop
        Squaw Mountain west of Denver wind gusts to 108 mph were
        recorded. The strong winds downed some trees and caused
        power outages. West-northwest winds gusted to 47 mph at
        Denver International Airport.
26-27 in 1971... strong winds raked Boulder. At the National Bureau
        of standards wind gusts to 62 mph were recorded... while in
        downtown Boulder winds peaked to 48 mph. At Stapleton
        International Airport... northwest winds gusted to 38 mph on
        the 26th and north winds gusted to 36 mph on the 27th.
      In 1976... the first measurable snow of the season turned into
        a major storm. Traffic was halted for several hours on
        highways to the west of Denver where 8 to 12 inches of
        snow fell in the foothills. Snowfall totaled 7.2 inches
        at Stapleton International Airport where north winds
        gusted to 30 mph. Most of the snow... 6.3 inches... fell
        all day on the 26th. The greatest snow depth on the
        ground was 5 inches on the morning of the 27th.
27 in 1980... the first snowfall of the season totaled only
        1.5 inches with 0.10 inch of moisture at Stapleton
        International Airport where the maximum snow depth on
        the ground was only 1 inch due to melting. This was the
        only measurable precipitation of the month... making it the
        driest October since 1962 when only 0.03 inch of
        precipitation was measured.
      In 1994... wind gusts to 70 mph were recorded atop Squaw
        Mountain... 5 miles south of Idaho Springs... and at
        Rollinsville in the foothills southwest of Boulder.
        Northwest winds gusted to 28 mph at Stapleton
        International Airport.
27-28 in 1874... strong west winds in Boulder along with a
        reported tornado produced 150 dollars in damage.
      In 1913... a strong cold front produced sustained northeast
        winds to 35 mph with gusts as high as 38 mph on the 27th.
        Overnight snowfall totaled 5.8 inches. Temperatures
        plunged to a low of 17 degrees on the morning of the 28th
        after a high of 60 degrees on the 27th.
27-30 in 2009... a powerful early season storm brought heavy
        snow to the Front Range. The combination of a deep
        northeasterly upslope flow coupled with abundant moisture
        and lift with the developing storm system produced an
        extended period of moderate to heavy snowfall. The heavy
        wet snow accumulated on trees and resulted in broken
        branches and scattered electrical outages. Interstates 70
        and 76 were closed east of Denver. Numerous other roads
        and highways were shut down. The Red Cross set up numerous
        emergency shelters for stranded travelers. The blowing
        snow at Denver International Airport forced the
        cancellation of hundreds of flights. Schools were also
        closed. In the foothills storm totals included: 46 inches...
        3 miles southeast of pinecliffe; 42 inches... 3 miles
        southwest of conifer; 34 inches... 3 miles north of
        blackhawk; 30 inches at Aspen Springs and near Evergreen...
        23 inches at Roxborough Park... and 20 inches... 3 miles
        south-southeast of Morrison. Across the urban corridor
        storm totals included: 25 inches in Highlands ranch;
        21.5 inches near Louisville... 20.5 inches in Broomfield...
        20 inches at Lafayette... 17.5 inches in Boulder... 17 inches
        in Westminster... 16.5 inches in erie; 15.5 inches in
        Arvada and 5 miles west-northwest of Littleton... 15 inches
        in Littleton... 14 inches in Englewood... 13.5 inches in
        Lakewood and 6 miles north of thornton; 13.3 inches at
        Denver International Airport... 11 inches... 4 miles south of
        denver; 10.5 inches... 2 miles north of Cherry Hills Village
        and Niwot.
28 in 1917... Post-frontal snowfall totaled 6.5 inches in the
        city. North winds sustained to 30 mph with gusts to 33
        mph caused the temperature to plunge from a high of 58
        degrees to a low of 9 degrees by midnight.
      In 1967... winds gusted to 65 mph in downtown Boulder... causing
        minor damage. South winds gusted to 32 mph at Stapleton
        International Airport.
      In 1991... the first major snow of the season hit Metro Denver
        as a cold Arctic air mass moved over the area. Snowfall
        amounts across northeast Colorado ranged from 3 to 10
        inches with 4.4 inches of snowfall recorded at Stapleton
        International Airport where north winds gusted to 22 mph.
        The low temperature dipped to 13 degrees.
      In 1993... high winds buffeted the Front Range foothills. A
        wind gust to 83 mph was recorded atop Squaw Mountain... 35
        miles west of Denver... and a gust to 76 mph occurred near
        Rollinsville southwest of Boulder.
28-29 in 1993... an upper level disturbance combined with a moist
        upslope flow to bring heavy snow to portions of Metro
        Denver. Snowfall amounts ranged from 5.4 inches at
        Stapleton International Airport to 14 inches in Boulder.
        New snowfall totaled 8 inches at Gross Reservoir in the
        foothills 5 miles southwest of Boulder. On the 28th... north
        winds gusted to 30 mph at Stapleton International Airport
        where the temperature climbed to only 25 degrees on the
        29th... equaling the record low maximum for the date.
28-30 in 1971... a vigorous cold front plunged temperatures from a
        high of 70 degrees on the 27th to record low levels on the
        29th and 30th. Snowfall totaled 3.1 inches at Stapleton
        International Airport where north winds gusted to 23 mph.
        Some freezing drizzle also fell on the 28th. Record daily
        low maximum temperatures of 32 degrees on the 28th and 25
        degrees on the 29th were established along with a daily
        record minimum of 13 degrees on the 30th.
28-31 in 1929... rain changed to snow on the afternoon of the 28th
        and continued until midday on the 30th followed by
        intermittent light snow which continued through the 31st.
        Snowfall over the four days totaled 16.2 inches in the
        city. Most of the snow... 8.5 inches... fell on the 29th
        with 6.1 inches on the 30th. Temperatures hovered in
        20's during most of the storm.
29 in 1917... the all-time lowest recorded temperature in
        October... 2 degrees below zero... occurred. This is
        also the earliest below zero reading of the season.
      In 1939... the first measurable snow of the season totaled
        5.6 inches in downtown Denver. Post-frontal northeast
        winds were sustained to 28 mph.
      In 1961... heavy snowfall measured 6.0 inches at Stapleton
        Airport where northeast winds gusted to 30 mph.
      In 1973... strong winds caused some damage to homes... stores...
        and utility lines along the foothills from Metro Denver
      In 1981... high winds buffeted the Front Range foothills with
        gusts to 55 mph in south Boulder.
      In 1996... high winds gusting from 70 to around 100 mph blasted
        Metro Denver. One man was killed when a strong wind gust
        overturned a pop-up Camper onto him while he was trying to
        secure it. In addition... five people at the Rocky Flats
        environmental test facility received minor injuries when
        several windshields were blown out of their cars... spraying
        glass onto the occupants. Several trees and power lines
        were also downed. Two 75-foot High Pine trees were uprooted
        at the Mt. Olivet cemetery in Arvada. Property damage from
        the windstorm ran into the millions of dollars. The highest
        recorded wind gusts included: 101 mph at Jefferson County
        Airport near Broomfield... 100 mph in Golden Gate Canyon... 96
        mph in Coal Creek Canyon... and 87 mph at Upper Table Mesa in
        Boulder. West-northwest winds gusted to 43 mph at Denver
        International Airport. Insured damage from the wind storm
        totaled 5.2 million dollars... the third most costly storm of
        record in Colorado at the time.
      In 2003... strong Chinook winds developed in and near the Front
        Range foothills. Winds gusting to 80 mph in Boulder downed
        several trees and power lines... causing damage and triggering
        scattered electrical outages. The combination of strong
        winds... very dry fuel conditions... and downed power lines
        sparked two large wildfires. The overland wildfire in
        Boulder County... near Jamestown... consumed nearly 3900 acres
        and destroyed 12 structures... including homes... trailers... and
        out-buildings. Preliminary damage estimates for the value
        of lost property was nearly one million dollars. In Douglas
        County... the Cherokee ranch wildfire consumed 1200 acres and
        destroyed 4 structures. The large smoke plumes from both
        fires were highly visible across Metro Denver. West winds
        gusted to 45 mph at Denver International Airport.
29-30 in 1905... heavy snowfall developed on the evening of the 29th
        and continued through the evening of the 30th. Snowfall
        totaled 11.0 inches in downtown Denver. Precipitation
        was 1.02 inches. Temperatures were generally in the 20's.
      In 1959... rain during most of the day on the 28th changed to
        snow early on the 29th and continued through most of the
        30th. Heavy snowfall totaled 7.4 inches at Stapleton
        Airport. North-northeast winds gusted to 24 mph on the
        30th. Some freezing drizzle also occurred on the 30th.
      In 1981... 4 to 8 inches of new snow were recorded in the
        foothills west of Denver. Snowfall totaled only 0.4 inch
        at Stapleton International Airport where north winds gusted
        to 25 mph.
29-31 in 1889... the first snowfall of the season totaled 14.0 inches
        over the three days in downtown Denver. Snowfall was 8.0
        inches on the 29th and 5.0 inches on the 31st. North to
        northeast winds gusted to 30 mph on the 29th.
      In 1950... a warm spell resulted in five daily temperature
        records. Record highs of 84... 80... and 79 degrees occurred
        on the 29th... 30th... and 31st... respectively. Low temperature
        of 49 degrees on the 30th was the record high minimum for
        the date.
      In 1991... the second surge of cold Arctic air in a matter of
        days plunged Metro Denver into the deep freeze. While
        low temperatures remained above zero... high temperatures
        were only in the 20's. Three temperature records were set:
        record lows of 7 degrees on the 30th and 10 degrees on the
        31st and a record low maximum of only 21 degrees on the
        30th. Snowfall was light with only 1.9 inches recorded at
        Stapleton International Airport where east winds gusted
        to 23 mph.
      In 2002... snowfall totaled 4.3 inches at the site of the former
        Stapleton International Airport. North winds gusted to 32
        mph on the 29th behind a cold front... which plunged
        temperatures well below seasonal normals. High temperatures
        of 18 degrees on the 30th and 19 degrees on the 31st were
        record low maximums for each date. Low temperatures dipped
        to 12 degrees on the 30th and 15 degrees on the 31st.
29-1 in 1972... heavy snowfall totaled 15.5 inches at Stapleton
        International Airport. However... the heaviest snow occurred
        on Halloween night when 7 inches fell on trick-or-treaters
        during a short 3-hour period. I-25 was closed south of
        Denver. North winds gusting to 29 mph caused some blowing
        snow on the 1st. The snow started late on the 29th and
        ended during the mid afternoon on the 1st. The greatest
        snow depth on the ground at Stapleton International Airport
        was 13 inches on the 1st.
30 in 1974... a rare thunderstorm for so late in October produced
        hail to 3/8 inch in diameter and 0.10 inch of rain at
        Stapleton International Airport.
      In 1991... the high temperature warmed to only 21 degrees... the
        all-time record low maximum for the month of October. The
        same temperature also occurred on October 25... 1997.
31 in 1997... high winds buffeted the foothills and adjacent
        areas of Metro Denver. West winds gusted to 70 mph in
        Broomfield and to 40 mph at Denver International Airport.
        The strongest winds occurred in the mountains west of
        Denver and in the foothills north of Denver.
      In 2001... high winds developed in the foothills. Peak wind
        gusts were measured to 74 mph at the National center for
        atmospheric research on The Mesa in Boulder and to 72 mph
        near Rollinsville. West winds gusting as high as 53 mph
        warmed the temperature to a high of 71 degrees at Denver
        International Airport.
31-1 in 1951... 6.4 inches of snowfall were measured at Stapleton
      In 1989... a Halloween storm dropped 3 to 6 inches of snow on
        Metro Denver with the adjacent foothills receiving 5 to
        10 inches. Snowfall totaled 4.5 inches at Stapleton
        International Airport... where north winds gusted to 31 mph
        on the 31st. Most of the snow fell on the evening of the
        31st... but the storm left icy streets throughout Metro Denver
        on the morning of the 1st... making it a "spooky" commute for
        many motorists.
      In 2004... heavy snow fell in and near the foothills of Jefferson
        and Douglas counties. Storm total snowfall included: 14.5
        inches in Aspen Park... 10 inches at Roxborough State Park and
        and near Sedalia... 8 inches near Bergen Park... and 7 inches in
        Highlands Ranch. Snowfall totaled only 3.2 inches in the
        Denver Stapleton area. Post-frontal northeast winds gusted
        to 41 mph at Denver International Airport.
1 in 1896... northwest Chinook winds sustained to 40 mph with
        gusts to 46 mph warmed the temperature to a high of 60
        degrees in the city.
      In 1973... wind gusts to 92 mph were recorded in Boulder.
        West winds gusted to 41 mph at Stapleton International
        Airport where the Chinook winds warmed the temperature
        to a high of 70 degrees.
      In 1989... a 39-year-old Lakewood man in a motorized
        wheelchair was found dead of exposure early in the
        morning after an overnight snowfall dumped 3 to 6
        inches of snow across Metro Denver.
1-2 in 1892... snowfall totaled 5.0 inches in downtown Denver.
        This was the only snow of the month.
      In 1956... heavy snowfall totaled 7.0 inches at Stapleton
        Airport. The storm was accompanied by much blowing and
        drifting snow. North winds gusted to 47 mph

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