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Winter Storm Watch

Statement as of 3:28 PM MDT on April 25, 2015

Expires 2:00 PM EDT on April 27, 2015

... Winter Storm Watch in effect from Sunday afternoon through
Monday morning...

The National Weather Service in Denver has issued a Winter Storm
Watch... which is in effect from Sunday afternoon through Monday

* Timing... although convective showers will occur tonight... more
widespread snow will begin late tomorrow morning with lowering
snow levels through Monday. Heaviest snow looks to occur above
10 thousand feet late tomorrow afternoon then above 8 thousand
feet through Monday morning. Steady but lighter snow will
continue through Monday afternoon.

* Snow accumulations... 6 to 19 inches... with heaviest amounts
east of the Continental Divide along the Front Range mountains.
Snowfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour are
possible... especially Sunday night.

* Wind/visibility... east 15 to 20 mph. Visibility may drop below
half a mile in the heavier snow and blowing snow.

* Impacts... travel will become difficult and hazardous due to
heavy snow... snow covered roads and poor visibility. The wet
heavy snow may weigh down trees and break branches.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

A Winter Storm Watch means there is a potential for significant
snow that may impact travel. Continue to monitor the latest

Public Information Statement

Statement as of 6:45 PM MDT on April 25, 2015

... This week in Metro Denver weather history...

24-26 in 1924... Post-frontal rain changed to snow... which became
        heavy and totaled 10.2 inches over downtown Denver. The
        greatest amount of snow on the ground was 6.0 inches on the
        25th due to melting. North winds were sustained to 38 mph
        with gusts to 42 mph on the 24th.
25-26 in 1985... a Spring storm brought much rain and snow to Metro
        Denver. The foothills were buried with 15 inches of snow
        at Conifer and 12 inches at Evergreen. At lower elevations...
        an inch or more of rain fell in Denver and Boulder. The
        heavy precipitation caused brief power outages in the
        Denver area. Precipitation totaled 1.06 inches at Stapleton
        International Airport... including only 0.7 inch of snowfall.
25-27 in 1877... snow ended around 7:00 am on the morning of the 27th...
        after falling continuously for 48 hours and totaling an
        estimated 13 inches in the city. The storm... likely
        accompanied by strong winds... caused trains to be delayed
        for 2 to 3 days. One or two roofs of small buildings were
        crushed by the weight of the snow... and many tree branches
        were broken in the city. There were a number of reports of
        livestock losses. One Stockman lost 17 horses and several
        cattle from the snow and cold. Precipitation totaled
        1.30 inches from the storm.
26 in 1965... while only 0.40 inch of rain fell at Stapleton
        International Airport... some communities in the foothills
        west of Denver reported over 30 inches of snow from the
      In 1972... a Spring snow storm accompanied by thunder dumped
        15.8 inches of heavy wet snow on Metro Denver. Strong
        northwest winds gusting to 35 mph produced blowing snow.
        The storm was quite intense and greatly hampered travel.
        High winds caused drifts 10 to 15 feet deep in some areas...
        blocking roads and stranding hundreds of motorists. An
        estimated 500 to 600 people were stranded in The Castle
        Rock area. Rescue service was provided by heavy Army
        equipment from Fort Carson. Power lines were downed... power
        poles were toppled... and a number of steel towers carrying
        high voltage power lines were downed. Some areas northeast
        of Denver were without power for a week. A large number of
        cattle and sheep were killed by the storm. The greatest
        snow depth on the ground at Stapleton International Airport
        was 12 inches. Warm temperatures following the storm
        quickly melted the snow.
      In 1995... the third major snow storm of the month dumped heavy
        snow in and near the Front Range foothills. Six to 12
        inches of heavy wet snow fell in the western Metro suburbs
        with the heaviest amounts above 6 thousand feet. Both
        Boulder and Golden measured 10 inches of snow. Only 2.4
        inches of snowfall were measured at the site of the former
        Stapleton International Airport. North winds gusted 28 mph
        at Denver International Airport.
      In 1998... the last in a series of April storms blanketed the
        foothills with heavy snow. Snowfall amounts included: 17
        inches near Blackhawk... 15 inches at Idaho Springs... 14
        inches at Georgetown... 11 inches near Conifer and Morrison.
        Only a trace of snow fell at the site of the former
        Stapleton International Airport. North winds gusted to
        28 mph at Denver International Airport.
26-27 in 1906... rain changed to heavy snow overnight and totaled
        7.0 inches over downtown Denver. North winds were
        sustained to 16 mph on both days. Precipitation totaled
        2.16 inches.
      In 1932... the temperature remained below freezing for more
        than 30 consecutive hours. For about 4 of those hours
        the temperature hovered around 24 to 25 degrees. At this
        time some early Cherry trees were in bloom and apple and
        Lilac blossoms were beginning to open. The leaves of
        many plants were partly unfurled and vegetation in general
        was correspondingly advanced due to the warm weather from
        the 11th to the 22nd. However... there was little apparent
        injury to foliage and blossoms... but some of the early
        Cherry and apple blossoms were injured. Rain changed to
        snow on the 26th and continued intermittently through the
        27th. Snowfall totaled only 2.0 inches and northeast winds
        gusted to 22 mph on the 26th.
      In 1964... strong winds caused damage to buildings... trees... and
        power lines. Sustained winds of 37 mph with gusts of 50 to
        60 mph were recorded in Metro Denver. West-northwest winds
        gusted to 44 mph at Stapleton International Airport on the
27 in 1955... west winds at 43 mph with gusts as high as 55 mph
        were recorded at Stapleton Airport where blowing dust
        briefly reduced the visibility to 3/8 mile.
      In 1966... a northwest wind gust to 51 mph was recorded at
        Stapleton International Airport.
27-28 in 1919... rainfall totaled 2.03 inches for the two days...
        along with a trace of snowfall. Northwest winds were
        sustained to 24 mph with gusts to 26 mph on the 27th.
      In 1975... high winds gusting to 85 mph severely damaged a
        Mobile home in Boulder and caused other minor damage.
        West winds gusted to 46 mph at Stapleton International
        Airport on the 28th.
      In 1996... heavy snow fell over portions of the Front Range
        foothills west of Denver. Snowfall amounts ranged from
        4 to 7 inches. Only 0.3 inch of snow fell at the site of
        the former Stapleton International Airport. North winds
        gusted to 41 mph at Denver International Airport on the
28 in 1894... southwest winds were sustained to 35 mph with gusts
        as high as 60 mph.
      In 1896... apparent Post-frontal bora winds from the northwest
        were sustained to 43 mph with gusts as high as 56 mph.
        Rainfall totaled 0.22 inch.
      In 1990... high winds raked the northeastern plains and eastern
        foothills from Boulder north. Wind gusts to 70 mph were
        recorded in Boulder. West winds gusted to 41 mph at
        Stapleton International Airport.
      In 2001... a 21-year-old man was struck by lightning along The
        Shoulder of I-225 near Parker Road. His brother's car had
        broken down and he stopped to help. The Bolt briefly
        stopped the man's heart and caused the right side of his
        body to go numb.
      In 2003... severe thunderstorms produced large hail across
        southern Metro Denver. Hail to 1 3/4 inches in diameter
        fell in Englewood and 2 miles east of Centennial Airport.
        Hail as large as 1 1/2 inches in diameter fell in Aurora
        near Cherry Creek. Other large hail reports included
        1 inch hail near Bennett... and 7/8 inch hail in Greenwood
        Village and at Centennial Airport.
28-29 in 1950... snowfall totaled 6.3 inches at Stapleton
        Airport... but only 3.5 inches over downtown Denver.
      In 1960... heavy snow fell at Stapleton Airport where
        8.6 inches of snow were measured. North winds gusted to
        38 mph. Most of the snow... 6.9 inches... fell on the 29th.
29 in 1898... apparent thunderstorm winds were sustained from
        the southwest to 58 mph with gusts to 66 mph.
      In 1909... north winds were sustained to 44 mph behind an
        apparent cold front. These were the strongest measured
        winds of the month that year.
      In 1962... heavy snowfall totaled 6.4 inches at Stapleton
        Airport where northeast winds gusted to only 17 mph.
        Snow fell all day... but the most on the ground was only
        1 inch due to melting.
      In 1991... two men were struck by lightning while golfing in
        Cherry Hills just south of Denver. The two received only
        minor Burns. Shortly afterward... lightning struck a home in
        Cherry Hills Village several times... leaving numerous holes
        in the roof. No injuries were reported.
      In 1993... localized strong winds occurred at Jefferson County
        Airport near Broomfield where gusts to 63 mph were recorded.
        The strong winds were the result of a probable microburst.
      In 2000... several severe thunderstorms producing large hail
        and destructive winds rumbled across northern Metro Denver.
        Thunderstorm wind gusts reached 81 mph near Hudson with
        hail as large as 3/4 inch in diameter at Longmont. Several
        homes and vehicles sustained damage. The strong winds
        uprooted trees and downed utility poles... causing scattered
        outages. Lightning sparked a house fire in Boulder. The
        fire damaged a portion of the roof and a bedroom on the
        third floor. Thunderstorm winds gusted to 53 mph at Denver
        International Airport.
      In 2003... lightning struck a chimney at a residence in hiwan
        in Evergreen... sending stones flying as far as 150 feet.
        Electrical equipment in some nearby homes also failed.
        Damage to the residence... in addition to electrical
        equipment... was estimated at 100 thousand dollars.
        Severe thunderstorms produced large hail to 1 inch in
        diameter near Hudson and Sedalia and to 3/4 inch near
        Parker. Hail as large as 1 3/4 inches was measured 9 miles
        north of Sedalia.
      In 2014... high winds occured east of Interstate 25. Peak wind
        gusts included: 71 mph just north of strasburg; 68 mph at
        Denver international airport; 62 mph near elizabeth; 58 mph
        at Front Range Airport in Watkins and 11 miles east of Parker.
29-30 in 1964... several weeks of dry weather and windy conditions
        across the Great Plains to the east caused noticeable
        suspended dust to invade Metro Denver. At Stapleton
        International Airport east winds gusted to 28 mph and
        visibility was reduced to 5 miles.
      In 1989... a late season snowstorm dropped 2 to 4 inches of
        snow across Metro Denver with 6 to 12 inches in the
        foothills. Snowfall totaled 3.9 inches at Stapleton
        International Airport where northeast winds gusted to
        23 mph and the greatest snow depth on the ground was
        2 inches due to melting.
      In 1991... a Pacific storm dumped heavy wet snow across Metro
        Denver. The foothills were hit the hardest where snowfall
        amounts ranged from 16 inches at Evergreen to 5 inches at
        Idaho Springs. Lower elevations of Metro Denver received
        5 to 9 inches of snowfall with 5 inches in Boulder and 7.0
        inches at Stapleton International Airport where northeast
        winds gusted to 25 mph. The weight of the snow caused
        power lines to fall and tree limbs to snap... producing power
        outages in parts of Denver... Aurora... and Westminster.
      In 1999... heavy snow fell overnight in the foothills above
        7500 feet elevation. Snowfall totals included: 13 inches
        near Rollinsville... 10 inches near Evergreen... 8 inches at
        Blackhawk and Nederland... and 7 inches at Conifer. Only
        rain fell across the city with 2.13 inches recorded at
        Denver International Airport.
29-2 in 1954... a major storm dumped 10.1 inches of snowfall at
        Stapleton Airport. Most of the snow... 7.5 inches... fell on
        the 29th and 30th. The maximum snow depth on the ground
        was 5 inches on the 30th due to melting. No strong winds
        accompanied the storm.
30 in 1896... northwest winds were sustained to 55 mph with gusts
        as high as 64 mph in the city.
      In 1960... the minimum temperature dipped to 22 degrees
        at Stapleton Airport. The sub-freezing cold damaged
        fruit trees and some other crops in the area.
      In 1967... west winds gusted to 51 mph at Stapleton
        International Airport. Winds were strong and gusty
        across all of Metro Denver.
      In 1972... hail 1/2 to 3/4 inches in diameter fell at
        Stapleton International Airport. Northwest winds gusted
        to 35 mph.
      In 1980... a cold air funnel touched down several times near
      In 1983... mothball-size hail fell in Wheat Ridge.
      In 1992... the all-time highest recorded temperature in April...
        90 degrees... occurred. This is also the earliest 90 degree
        reading for the season. In addition... the temperature
        dipped to a low of only 56 degrees... setting a record high
        minimum for the date.
      In 1995... hail... up to 3/4 inch in diameter... fell at Denver
        International Airport. The hail was soft... lasted for only
        8 to 10 minutes... and caused no damage.
      In 2002... drought conditions started to have an effect on
        greater Metro Denver. April... normally the third snowiest
        month of the year in Denver averaging just over 9 inches of
        snow... ended with only a trace of snow... ranking the month...
        along with previous aprils... the 2nd least snowiest on
        record. The month ended with only 0.23 inch of liquid
        precipitation making the month the 3rd driest on record.
        Mountain snowpack was less than half of normal for this
        time of year. A statewide drought emergency was declared
        by the governor.
      In 2003... a small tornado touched down 10 miles east of Hudson...
        but did no damage. Hail as large as 3/4 inch in diameter
        fell in Aurora near Cherry Creek.
      In 2004... Post-frontal upslope flow produced light snowfall
        across Metro Denver. Snowfall was 4.0 inches at Denver
        Stapleton... while the temperature hovered in the lower 30's
        all day. The high temperature was only 33 degrees... a
        record low maximum for the date. The low temperature of
        30 degrees was not a record. North winds gusted to 20 mph
        at Denver International Airport.
30-1 in 1980... to the west of Denver... heavy rain changing to snow
        buried the foothills above 7 thousand feet in 4 to 8 inches
        of snow. Precipitation in the foothills ranged from 1 to 3
        inches... which caused some local flooding. Rain fell at
        lower elevations. Rainfall at Stapleton International
        Airport totaled 1.05 inches from the storm.
1 in 1902... northwest winds were sustained to 68 mph with
        gusts as high as 74 mph in the city during the early
        morning. The apparent very strong Chinook winds warmed
        the temperature to a high of 78 degrees.
      In 1912... south winds were sustained to 42 mph with gusts
        as high as 58 mph. South to southwest winds were strong
        all afternoon.
      In 1935... a moderate duststorm blew into the city at around
        2:00 PM on northwest winds sustained to 17 mph with gusts
        to 19 mph. Later in the afternoon... the dust receded to
        the east in advance of a rainstorm from the west.
      In 1988... very strong winds behind a vigorous cold front
        produced a blinding dust storm that closed I-70 east of
        Denver. Northeast winds over Metro Denver peaked to 45
        mph at Stapleton International Airport... but only kicked
        up some blowing dust. The temperature plunged from a
        high of 76 degrees at midday to 36 degrees at midnight as
        light rain changed to light snow.
      In 1991... 3/4 inch diameter hail fell at Standley Lake in
        northwest Metro Denver.
      In 1999... heavy snow developed in the foothills above
        7 thousand feet elevation. Snow totals included:
        10 inches at Rollinsville... 7 inches near Conifer... and
        6 inches atop Crow Hill. Rain fell across Metro Denver.
1-2 in 1903... Post-frontal rain changed to light snow overnight...
        but totaled only 2.0 inches. This was the last snow of
        the season. Northeast winds were sustained to 45 mph
        with gusts to 48 mph on the 1st.
1-5 in 1898... snowfall totaled 15.5 inches in downtown Denver.
        Most of the snow... 6.2 inches... fell on the 3rd. Most of
        the snow melted as it fell. The greatest snow depth on
        the ground was only 2.5 inches on the 3rd at 8:00 PM.
        This was the only snowfall during the month. Northeast
        winds were sustained to 22 mph on the 1st.
2 in 1874... strong winds upset two Railroad passenger coaches
        near Georgetown. The baggage was retrieved and placed in
        a heavy... large wagon. The passengers then seated
        themselves on top of the baggage. Another strong gust
        of wind upset the wagon. The driver's shoulder was
        dislocated... and a passenger's leg was badly injured.
        In Denver... northwest winds increased and blew in gusts
        and heavy winds were observed on the ridge tops. On
        the Kansas Pacific r.R. East of Denver... the wind was so
        strong that it blew the train back several lengths... which
        caused the train to be about 7 hours late arriving in
        the city.
      In 1901... south winds were sustained to 50 mph with gusts to
        60 mph from an apparent thunderstorm with hail.
      In 1944... snowfall of 8.3 inches was accompanied by a
        thunderstorm. This was the last snowfall of the season
        and the only snow of the month. Northwest winds were
        sustained to 25 mph.
      In 1955... southwest winds at speeds of 37 mph with gusts as
        high as 58 mph caused some blowing dust at Stapleton
      In 1983... 1 inch diameter hail fell a few miles south of
      In 1984... 3/4 inch diameter hail fell in Northglenn.
      In 1988... I-70 east of Denver was closed for the second
        straight day... this time due to snow and blowing snow
        producing up to 2 foot drifts. While only 2 to 4 inches
        of snow fell across Metro Denver... Strasburg... just east of
        Denver... received a foot of snow. North winds peaked to
        51 mph at Stapleton International Airport where snowfall
        totaled only 1.3 inches.
      In 1995... lightning struck a house in Westminster sparking an
        attic fire.
2-3 in 1979... heavy rain changed to snow on the 2nd. Snowfall
        totaled 3.9 inches at Stapleton International Airport...
        where northwest winds gusted to 26 mph. The greatest
        depth of snow on the ground was only 1 inch at midday on
        the 2nd due to melting. Total precipitation for the 2
        days was 1.65 inches.
2-4 in 1987... a slow moving storm brought rain... wind... and snow
        to Metro Denver. Rainfall totaled 1.04 inches at
        Stapleton International Airport where north winds gusted
        to 48 mph on the 3rd. The foothills received 5 to 10 inches
        of snow.
2-5 in 2001... a very slow moving Pacific storm system became parked
        near The Four Corners region... which allowed heavy snow to
        develop above 6500 feet in the foothills with a mix of rain
        and snow over lower elevations of Metro Denver. Snowfall
        totals included: 21 inches atop Crow Hill and at Idaho
        springs; 19 inches near blackhawk; and 18 inches in Coal
        Creek Canyon... Genesee... and 11 miles southwest of Morrison.
        Snowfall totaled 6.2 inches at the site of the former
        Stapleton International Airport. Precipitation (rain and
        melted snow) totaled 2.09 inches at Denver International
        Airport where north winds gusted to 30 mph on the 2nd.

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