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California, Mariposa, Madera, and Fresno County Foothills

Public Information Statement

Statement as of 6:47 AM PDT on October 24, 2016

... Rainfall reports...

Location amount lat/Lon/elev (ft.)

... West-central San Joaquin Valley...
6 E Gustine 0.08 in 37.24n/120.88w/78

... Tulare County mountains...
Sugarloaf 0.10 in 36.73n/118.67w/7970
Bear Peak 0.09 in 35.88n/118.08w/8228
Buck Rock 0.06 in 36.74n/118.86w/8432
Wolverton point 0.05 in 36.45n/118.70w/5240
Big Pine Meadow 0.04 in 35.94n/118.06w/7340
Grant Grove 0.03 in 36.74n/118.96w/6578
Eagle Creek 0.03 in 35.98n/118.64w/6594
Eagle Creek 0.03 in 35.98n/118.63w/6700
rattlesnake 0.03 in 36.41n/118.42w/8600
Blackrock 0.01 in 36.09n/118.26w/8114
Johnsondale 0.01 in 35.97n/118.54w/4684
Park Ridge 0.01 in 36.72n/118.94w/7540

... Tulare County foothills...
Case Mountain 0.04 in 36.41n/118.81w/6450
Three Rivers Pumpkin Hollow 0.02 in 36.48n/118.84w/1240
Sequoia np ash mtn 0.01 in 36.49n/118.83w/1730
shadequarter 0.01 in 36.57n/118.96w/4340
Three Rivers historical 0.01 in 36.45n/118.90w/860

... Southeastern Kern County desert...
Redrock Canyon 0.04 in 35.37n/117.99w/2575
North Edwards 0.02 in 34.98n/117.85w/2300
Boron 0.01 in 35.00n/117.65w/2450
9 SSE Tehachapi 0.01 in 35.00n/118.40w/5310
Rosamond 0.01 in 34.86n/118.17w/2336

... Sierra Nevada from Yosemite to Kings Canyon...
Happy Isles 0.70 in 37.73n/119.56w/4036
Wawona 0.59 in 37.54n/119.65w/4309
Mariposa Grove 0.59 in 37.51n/119.60w/6500
Wawona 0.57 in 37.51n/119.63w/5185
Fish Camp 0.46 in 37.45n/119.65w/4980
Mariposa Grove 0.43 in 37.51n/119.60w/6500
Yosemite Valley 0.37 in 37.74n/119.59w/4200
High Sierra 0.33 in 37.31n/119.04w/7431
Bass Lake Marina 0.28 in 37.32n/119.56w/3425
Devils Post Pile 0.26 in 37.63n/119.09w/7560
Bass Lake 0.26 in 37.33n/119.55w/3553
White Wolf 0.26 in 37.86n/119.65w/8000
Minarets 0.18 in 37.41n/119.35w/5313
Dinkey Creek 0.15 in 37.07n/119.16w/5737
El Portal 0.14 in 37.68n/119.79w/2073
6 NNW El Portal 0.14 in 37.76n/119.82w/6634
Batterson 0.14 in 37.38n/119.63w/3176
Mount Tom 0.11 in 37.38n/119.18w/8982
Crane Valley 0.11 in 37.29n/119.53w/3400
Wishon dam 0.10 in 37.01n/118.98w/6550
Shaver Lake 0.09 in 37.13n/119.26w/5632
Crane Flat 0.09 in 37.76n/119.82w/6634
5 NW Huntington Lake 0.08 in 37.30n/119.28w/6140
Fence Meadow 0.06 in 36.96n/119.17w/5266
Hume Lake 0.05 in 36.79n/118.91w/5239
Cedar Grove 0.04 in 36.79n/118.66w/4720
8 NE Squaw Valley 0.04 in 36.80n/119.12w/5157
peckinpah 0.04 in 37.25n/119.46w/5150
Mountain Rest 0.04 in 37.05n/119.37w/4110
Tuolumne Meadows 0.03 in 37.87n/119.35w/8600
Balch power house 0.01 in 36.91n/119.09w/1720

... Mariposa, Madera, and Fresno County foothills...
Northfork Teaford Saddle 0.19 in 37.25n/119.56w/3093
Oakhurst Miami Highlands 0.18 in 37.36n/119.68w/2549
Coarsegold Rancho Ramon 0.17 in 37.24n/119.80w/1624
Oakhurst sheriff station 0.14 in 37.34n/119.67w/2382
Jerseydale 0.14 in 37.54n/119.84w/3749
Yosemite lakes park 0.11 in 37.18n/119.77w/1266
Miami Mountain 0.11 in 37.42n/119.75w/4267
Smith Peak 0.11 in 37.80n/120.10w/3871
Northfork 0.10 in 37.24n/119.52w/3133
SW Oakhurst 0.09 in 37.32n/119.65w/2322
Metcalf Gap 0.07 in 37.41n/119.77w/3118
North Fork 0.06 in 37.23n/119.51w/2721
Prather 0.03 in 37.00n/119.30w/2076
Mariposa usona ridge 0.02 in 37.43n/119.83w/2749
8 ESE Mariposa 0.02 in 37.43n/119.83w/2720
Pinehurst 0.02 in 36.70n/119.02w/4060
Catheys Valley 0.02 in 37.38n/120.08w/1233
Hurley 0.02 in 37.02n/119.57w/1228
Mariposa 0.01 in 37.50n/119.99w/2231
trimmer Springs 0.01 in 36.91n/119.31w/1488

... Kern County mountains...
Tehachapi N Golden Hills 0.06 in 35.17n/118.49w/3956
12 S Mountain Mesa 0.04 in 35.43n/118.41w/6648
piutes 0.04 in 35.43n/118.28w/6227
Whiterock creek 0.04 in 35.21n/118.41w/5500
Tehachapi west Golden Hills 0.04 in 35.15n/118.50w/3884
Breckenridge mtn 0.02 in 35.45n/118.60w/7485
Walker Pass 0.02 in 35.66n/118.06w/5572
Tehachapi-Golden Hills 0.01 in 35.13n/118.49w/4027

... Indian Wells Valley...
Ridgecrest 7ssw 0.05 in 35.59n/117.69w/2464
laural mountain 0.02 in 35.48n/117.70w/4390
Inyokern 0.01 in 35.63n/117.80w/2480

... East-central San Joaquin Valley...
Merced Airport 0.04 in 37.28n/120.51w/153
Eastman Lake 0.03 in 37.21n/119.98w/540
Fresno air terminal 0.03 in 36.78n/119.72w/333
hidden dam 0.02 in 37.11n/119.89w/561
north Clovis 0.02 in 36.86n/119.71w/374
northeast Merced 0.02 in 37.33n/120.45w/177
Friant 0.02 in 36.99n/119.69w/662
Hensley Lake 0.01 in 37.12n/119.89w/561
bear ck rsva 0.01 in 37.37n/120.22w/319
Bear Creek below bear dam 0.01 in 37.36n/120.23w/331
Mariposa creek below maripos 0.01 in 37.28n/120.16w/346
Madera Airport 0.01 in 36.99n/120.11w/253

Observations are collected from a variety of sources with varying
equipment and exposures. Not all data listed are considered official.

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